Every Artbook is a single and unique project.  Huge full size prints (till 38x25cm) on a photo paper, gives you an eternal durability and luxury feeling.
This book is printed on real photographic paper. Binding of the book is back to back, which means that each page is glued together with back to back. This method of binding makes the book extremely compact. The book opens completely flat and the fold is almost invisible. Option of choosing different types of materials, gives us a chance, to personalize a book.
Number of pages is limited to a maximum of 80 pages which pushes us to carefully choose images and design the book to achieve best compromise between storytelling experience and elegant layouts. In practice, this means that on average using approx. 2 photos per page, a book with 50 pages can have somewhere around 100 photos (+ / – 25) or with max. 80 pages approx. 160 photos (+ / – 25).
The book dimension is horizontal 38x25cm (15x10inch) or square 30x30cm (12x12inch).
You can choose between different cover materials (photo, leather, linen, acrylic).
Parent books are the same as main books only smaller in size. It is only possible to order 2 pieces of parent albums together!
Price for 50 pages: 800eur main book / 400eur two parent books / 1000eur pack (main book + 2 parent books)…..additional page 10eur main, 15eur pack
Cover surcharge (photo and linen included / acrylic 75eur main, 125eur pack / real leather with embossing  100eur, 175eur pack