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It was a rainy Saturday evening. Our eyes meet. It was a love on first sight. We build a small house on the hill above Ljubljana. It’s in the middle of forest, but very close to city. This way we can enjoy silence of nature and have all the privileges of urban life. We have one doughter. She brought so much joy and love in our lives. On evenings we sit on our terrace, enjoying amazing view to our capital city. Sometimes alone, sometimes with our friends and family. All those endless city lights, glass of wine, nice music…sometimes life is so amazing, that we wish to stop the time. With our photography we can do that magic, we can stop the time for a moment.


For the past 13 years we have been traveling arround the globe, to photograph pretty much every kind of weddings you can imagine. From small intimate events, to weddings with 600+ guests. Exotic places like Cuba or Sri Lanka, amazing islands like Lanzarote or Malta, world renowned places like Kitzbuhel, Montreux or Amalfi coast, big cities like London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome or Vienna, small countryside villages or cities near the seaside. Driving on the evening with the boat on the Sienna river, watching the stars in the small Alpine village, driving with scutters in Amalfi coast, secretly crying on emotional ceremonies, runing with couple over crowded Rome streets or dancing in the middle of fields with guests until morning.

We simply love life and are absolutley honored and priviliged that we have been able to experience so many unforgetable moments and meet so many amazing people. We would be more than happy if you would be that next amazing person.